St. Francis Winery, Sonoma

tuan & casey

What a fun wedding. First of all, I love going to the Bay Area for weddings because I get to shoot with my sister, Joy, and always have such a good time (not to mention we sometimes have the opportunity to do our famous dance… those of you who know what I’m talking about consider yourselves lucky!!) Today’s wedding was no exception. Tuan and Caitlin (aka Casey by her loved ones) were married at
St. Francis Winery in Sonoma. It was a gorgeous day out – not too hot – and to protect their guests from heat, Tuan and Casey thoughtfully provided parasols. I love this shot because you can see their kiss right through the parasol!

success with the lensbaby! I was excited to give the new lensbaby a try at an actual wedding… its really hard to focus, but I thought this shot of lovely caitlin was particularly cool…

To add a little ambience, the pathways were lined with candle-lit bags. I thought it was really romantic…

I decided to cross process the roll from the swinglens camera and just got all the images back! how beautiful is this??

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