Project: the Alphabet

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Now that I can actually see the end of wedding season in the not-too-far distance, I really want to start doing a few of my own projects again. Last April a group of my photographer friends and I decided to give each other assignments… just to keep ourselves motivated and constantly finding new ways to see the world. The first assignment was “The Alphabet.”

I happened to be going to Disneyland with my two nieces and realized that it was the perfect place for the job. Talk about seeing the world in a new way. Penelope helped me “search” for letters all day, and soon we were seeing them everywhere. She discovered the “E” completely on her own! I did not have a blog back then, so I am posting this now. I will have new assignments (that hopefully I will have time to do!) and will try to post them once a month.

5 thoughts on “Project: the Alphabet

  1. hi jules!
    this alphabet is so much fun!!
    i have been searching for the alphabet in nature and i’m stuck on a couple of letters. problem is…i’m obsessed and everywhere i go i’m looking.
    have a sunny day!

  2. You think of something to do with your camera everywhere you go and in everything you do. I hope you remember to take a lot of write offs on your taxes! (Even the admission to Disneyland – right?)

  3. Hey Jules —
    This is so cool. I would love to do something like this with you over the summer. Recently, I’ve been shooting with a Holga — juat to get the creative juices flowing — but this is great!

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