I miss Hazel

Since I don’t have kids, I like to think of my pets as part of the family. Less work, more furry.

I have been thinking about Hazel all morning because she died a year ago today. Poor little Abigail was very upset, but not as upset as me. I know not everyone is a cat person, but Hazel was a really cool one, and I miss her.

baby hazel

bigger hazel

3 thoughts on “I miss Hazel

  1. I miss Hazel too. I was so excited that I got to see her on her first night with you! I miss you both! And Abigail and OF COURSE– Olive!!!


  2. Hi Jules ~
    I’m a frequent reader of your blog and enjoy reading about your clients and other fun you have. I’m so sorry about Hazel…my husband and I lost Suckerpal quite suddenly in September and it still hurts. Chubbs is quite sad and still cries every night. I feel your pain and am thinking of you this evening.

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