Vegas, Baby, VEGAS!!

This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life!! I was honored to be asked to speak for the Digital Wedding Forum Convention on two occasions this week. My first talk was at 2pm today, and it was SO GREAT! I was so flattered by everyone who attended my talk, and I can’t wait for another great experience tomorrow.

I have been in Las Vegas for the DWF and the WPPI trade show since Sunday. At this point in my life, most of my friends are also wedding photographers. Of course we are all here for the seminars and the cool new products at the trade show, but what we really come here is all the networking… and by “networking” I mean all of the parties!! I have had such an amazing time hanging out with all of my friends and have met so many wonderful people this week.


Jules Bianchi speaks at the DWF Convention!!

6 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby, VEGAS!!

  1. Hi Jules – I wish I could see you speak sometime. I am sure you’re a very charismatic speaker! By the way; you might want to cut back on drinking so much water before a presentation. Sucks to have to excuse yourself during the speach. Just kidding. Love, Jeanne

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