Jules Bianchi is speaking at PartnerCon again!

Last September, I was one of the speakers for the 1st Annual Pictage Partner Conference. It was an amazing experience which prompted me to submit a proposal to the Digital Wedding Forum Conference in April. I was accepted to speak there (on TWO occasions because my seminar filled up so fast!) and again, had an incredible time.

I decided to submit again for the 2nd Annual Pictage PartnerCon, only THIS time, the thousands of photographers who are part of the Pictage family voted on all the submitted papers so they could hear the speakers THEY wanted.

Well! I just found out this morning that my proposal has been accepted, and I’ll be speaking for PartnerCon again this September! I am so flattered and grateful to all of you who voted for me. I am so honored to be on a list that includes talented friends of mine such as David Jay, Mike Colon, Sara France, Jessica Claire, and the fabulous Dane Sanders. Its going to be hard to choose which seminars to attend.

And as in Vegas, I will be doing a few mentoring sessions which I really love. I think its nice to connect with other photographers on such an intimate level, and I certainly wish I’d had someone to do that for ME when I first started.

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