My friends are all photographers…

Today, a bunch of my favorite photographers had lunch at Buddha’s Belly here in LA. We own great equipment to shoot our weddings, but for gatherings like this, its all about the point-and-shoot.

I just LOVE this cute shot of my favorite photography husband-and-wife team, Doug and Chenin Boutwell.

I think this picture of Jim Kennedy waving Becker’s point-and-shoot away is so funny! You think Becker is fast when he shoots weddings, you should see him with this thing!!

4 thoughts on “My friends are all photographers…

  1. Your funny 🙂
    I like the comments on my blog. Thanks!

    You should see the one Joy posted defending my spelling of ciao (chow) lol

    You’re all such a hoot 🙂
    Proud to be da brotha
    (now we need to set up that triple date)

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