Woodside, California

christine & douglas.

I was really excited to finally meet Christine and Doug since up until the wedding we had only spoken over the phone. They turned out to be an extremely cool couple with impeccable taste. Jolie, from City Celebrations, did an amazing job of pulling off a flawless event.

During the reception, I often have a slideshow of the day’s favorite images from the wedding. I have finally gotten on the ball and used the cool ShowIt Web program to bring a smaller version of the slideshow to my blog! You can check out Christine & Doug’s slideshow by clicking here.

Its always so hard to choose my favorites, but here are a few:

I just love this shot of the rings and their vows…

I love the internet…

Christine & Doug see each other for the first time…

The new family.

As a surprise, Doug sang “The Blower’s Daughter” to his new wife…

Its so great when a couple hires someone like Zephyr tents to light and tent the event!!

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