Chateau Fleuri, Pasadena

jennifer & michael.

After Jennifer told me how Michael proposed to her, (think fireworks in GREECE) I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding because I knew it would be impressive. I was not disappointed. What a gorgeous, elaborate and detailed affair! In an effort to blog about this right away, I am putting up a FEW of my favorites. I will have to do a separate post of all the amazing details!

Yesterday was a crazy 14 hour day, so I want to give a huge thank you to Robert Evans, Jennifer Zivolich, and Amy Trahant for joining me and lending me their fantastic talent.

I also want to highly recommend Carolyn Chen and her company, The Special Day Event Design and Coordination. She made Jennifer and Michael’s 450 person wedding move along so effortlessly, and she and her team were a pleasure to work with.

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