Indian Wedding

chhaya & sameer, part two.

Joy and I had SO much fun at Chhaya & Sameer’s wedding this weekend. They both come from such amazing families, and they welcomed both of us in graciously. They gave us gifts and made sure we were well fed, too! I hope to shoot all of Chhaya’s friend’s weddings because everyone was just so joyous and wonderful! I have posted a bunch of my favorites here, but you can also click the following link to view a SLIDESHOW with much more!!

Chhaya & Sameer’s slideshow

Here is a little sample of the Barat – the elaborate processional where Sameer’s family arrives at Chhaya’s home to be greeted and welcomed by her family.

Chhaya sneaks a peek from the upstairs window…

Chhaya’s mother blesses Sameer.

The new sisters hug each other.

Chhaya is escorted to the ceremony to greet her groom.

Chhaya’s family manages to lift her higher than Sameer while she puts on his garland. This means that SHE will have all the power in the relationship. Go figure.

Chhaya’s parents give her hand to Sameer. I love this shot because you can see Sameer’s parents in the foreground…

Chhaya’s family showers the couple with rice as they circle the fire.

The seven steps…

Lastly, I love this shot Joy took of me, shooting the couple. You can see the beautiful henna on my arm!!

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