2006 Hollywood Portraits

I was so excited to be invited to Los Angeles Magazine’s 2006 Hollywood Portraits cocktail reception at the Arclight in Hollywood again this year. Although I loved the portraits last year, I thought this year’s photography by David Strick and Gregg Segal was a little more fun.

The exhibition will be up for all to see from November 21, 2006 to January 1, 2007. Although I brought my little Canon SD-700 point-and-shoot, the battery was dead. So these are all shot with my trusty little Razr!! I don’t think they are too bad seeing as they are shot with a phone…

My good friend, Lori, came with me as my “plus one”.

3 thoughts on “2006 Hollywood Portraits

  1. Oooo! sophisticated is right…Jules, I need you to teach me how to pull off sophistication! You always looks so great at every event you go to!

  2. The Cocktail Reception looks like alot of fun. Why don’t I ever get invited to these sophisticated types of evenings?! I guess it would help if I was a Professional Photographer in LA 😉

    I love the Batman picture – why is he on a moped?! hahahaha

  3. uh oh – the “cyberstalker” reveals herself! what a fun night. i will gladly be your “plus one” any time!

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