Santa Monica

I was really excited to meet Bear. Bear is John & Stephanie’s dog, and he is going to be in their wedding next July. I drove to Santa Monica to start the shoot at Bear’s house. And because John & Stephanie like to hang out at the local pub and play games, afterwards, that’s where we headed!

At the house.

Stephanie has a great smile…

…but John is a pretty close runner-up!

John & Stephanie enjoyed the pretty afternoon light by the tree in the front yard…

…while Bear made sure that no one came in to bother us.

Taking a break to play.

Family portrait.

I love Bear’s face in this shot. I think he sees a LOT of kissing in this house!

Like I said….

At the pub.

Shuffle board – one of Stephanie’s favorite games.

John is a big Bronco’s fan, but Stephanie loves the Eagles… I guess every couple has their differences…

I think they just look so cool hanging out here.

We sneaked into the alley to finish up the photo shoot for the day. I am really looking forward to shooting John & Stephanie’s wedding next July because they are really fun to hang out with. I hope Olive gets to meet Bear very soon.

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