My tiny family

This is the first weekend in ten weeks where I haven’t had a job to shoot. Its SO nice to not have to be anywhere except for holiday parties this weekend!!

Of course, I can’t go long without shooting SOMETHING, so I decided to test the 17 – 50mm lens I bought my mother for Christmas. As per usual, I used Abigail & Olive as my test subjects.

I feel very lucky to have the cutest pets. Try not to be too jealous.

Ms. Abigail

Ms. Olive

5 thoughts on “My tiny family

  1. You have a cute Kitchen also! Oh, do ever take Olive to the Groomer?! (Like for a bath and brush)……..she doesn’t look like she needs it; I was just wondering. I work for Petsmart…..that’s why I wondered.

  2. I can always count on new and impressive updates on your blog. I love the last shot of Olive and the ones of Abigail. Your angle and composure of the first shot is terrific!

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