New Year’s Eve with David Jay, Dane & Brett!!

David Jay is a friend of mine and a photographer I have admired for some time. I was thrilled when he asked me back in August to shoot his New Year’s Eve wedding with him, Dane Sanders, and Brett Austin.

Last night’s wedding was hands down the most unbelievable thing I have seen in a long time. It was a looong day (11am – 2am) but it was such a pleasure to be shooting along side such talented photographers, and we all had a rockin’ good time! Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to post any of the actual photographs from the wedding because it is going to be published and must be kept under wraps until then. However, at the end of the night we all jumped into the photobooth and did these fun self-portraits.

Click on the links to DJ and Dane’s blogs to see the other versions of our photobooth self-portrait as well as a few other fun pics from the night.

There was a whole team producing this wedding and we all communicated with headsets, as if we were on a movie set. It was a Christmas theme, and it felt like we were working in Narnia!!

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