Blogaholics Unite!

The second part of Dane Sander’s “Power of the Few” Simple Photo Minute is here! This episode features yours truly much more heavily than the first, and talks all about my favorite topic, BLOGGING! Ironically, I mention in the episode that my plan for 2007 was to spend a little less time blogging… but you probably know I’ve not really succeeded with that yet!

Click on the shirt to check it out…

2 thoughts on “Blogaholics Unite!

  1. You’re such a star Jules! I swear there’d be no style on the simple photo minute without you. You always know how to bring it!

    Sorry about your blogging addiction. I’m told owning it is the first step to recovery. Nice work :).

  2. Don’t stop blogging I love looking at your pictures and its so much fun to see the fun things you get to do!

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