What the heck is that?

In my life, the early months of the year tend to be spent making albums and booking weddings. This can result in quite boring blog entries. (Although if you’d like to take a peek at my kick-ass new 14×5.5″ Bridal Bar portfolio album, just click here. Its gonna rock the house.)

I have decided that to keep myself inspired and my loyal blog readers excited and involved, I am going to start a weekly game. In honor of the cool Starbucks goodie basket my father sent me for Valentine’s Day, this week’s winner gets a Starbucks certificate!

And this week’s game is…

What the heck is that? Leave a comment if you know the answer or need a hint!

19 thoughts on “What the heck is that?

  1. Ok, I was going to say gerber daisies as well. So now I will go with pipe cleaners–you know the kind from art projects in school?

  2. I was going to guess a rug also, but since Maureen did……..I will guess a pillow……… (Like a throw pillow).

  3. i am also an avid blog fan!! i was going to guess tiny candy canes… no, also a carpet… no…. worms? that is too yucky… the inside of olive’s mouth? ha ha… something from the basket… a flower of some kind….

  4. A red sunflower? (Alternatively, I would guess that it’s a mum, but I don’t want to hog the comments page with my guesses.)

  5. Good guess, Scot! Its not a Gerbera Daisy, but that is one of my favorite flowers!

    Emily, can you be more specific?

    Maureen – that is a good guess… I WISH I had a shag rug that cool!

  6. Hi Jules,

    Love the blog (and your work), this new game is great.

    I’m gonna be SPECIFIC with my guess.

    I think it’s a Gerbera Daisy….just off the center.

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