Who the heck is that?

This week’s contest is all about one of my obsessions, and I don’t think she will be too hard to identify…

SO l not only want you to tell me who the heck that is, but I want to learn some interesting TRIVIA about her. We will see who comes up with the most obscure fact!

Extra points if you can tell me what is in her eye…

8 thoughts on “Who the heck is that?

  1. You want some Blythe trivia?

    1)The Blythe dolls were created in 1972.

    2)They were made by Kenner and produced in Hong Kong.

    3)The original dolls were only in production for one year.

    4)The original dolls featured blinkable eyes that changed the eye color with the pull of a string in the back of the dolls head.

    5)Gina Garan, a photographer, is probably most credited for the return to popularity of the Blythe dolls.

    (I’m such a nerd!!) LOL

  2. okay okay!! I TOLD you it would be easy…it IS Blythe (I love her!!) and this one is a shot of MY Blythe with the flower part of my logo in one of her eyes…

    Now where is the interesting trivia? Is there anything you can TELL me about Blythe??

  3. Hi Juliet!!!

    I sent you a short note (it was a link via your website) on a beautiful photo of your mom. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you, and admiring your photos. You are a remarkable photographer with so much tallent! It is inspiring to see where your love for capturing life’s best moments has taken you in your work. Your passion for people shines through in your photos. Drop me a line sometime if you get the chance-I would really like to hear from you.

    Take care and best of luck to you!!


  4. It is your doll BLYTHE. I know I have ssen the flower before I think its a painting that you did? Hope I’m right! 🙂

  5. IT IS A BLYTHE!! It looks like some sort of flower reflection. (I HOPE I’M RIGHT!)
    I have always been looking at your photos and love it. My friend was in a wedding party and linked me to you b/c he was in the pictures. I actually graduated from USF so i love the pictures of that wedding there

  6. HI!

    Headed to your blog thinking there might be some LA PUG (My first one!) images. Happy to have found your obscure imagery and although I can’t quite pinpoint what type of miniature human it might be, I’m pretty certain that the reflection is of your frequently used flower icon. ? Anyhoo, have a great night!


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