Vegas, Baby, Vegas!!

Every year, all the wedding photographers I know gather in Vegas for the WPPI or DWF convention. Albeit exhausting, its always a really fun time!

Me and my fabulous roommate, Joy.

I always want to support my friends, so I made sure to catch the talks (from top to bottom) of Rob Evans speaking at the Pictage booth, Dane Sanders speaking for LiveBooks, and Dina Douglass giving a lecuture on lighting for the DWF

… and to buy one of Jessica Claire’s cool new Shoot Sac camera bags!

LiveBooks grabbed me for a quick interview on the Trade Show floor…

And later I was interviewed by Ron Dawson of Cinematic Studios for a promo DVD he is doing about me and my studio!

Here I am with the winner of the Thirst Auction mentor session, Penny Sylvia!! She is a great photographer, and I really enjoyed meeting her.

Carrie Phillips, Cat Krantz, Christine Marie & Sara France

Yvette Roman, me & Suzi Varin

me & Jon Barber

Me and the adorable David Jay

4 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby, Vegas!!

  1. [“the best roommate”]………… yeah, I guess you two have chosen to be roommates whenever you could – even in the womb 😉

    I think it is SO awesome that you two get away like that together!!

    Maybe Penny or Millie will have twins when they grow up. It’s supposed to skip a generation.


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