Jules goes to Kindergarten!

On Monday I went to kindergarten with my niece, Penelope. She was celebrating her 6th birthday AND she was the “Special Person of the Week!” As the “Special Person”, you make a poster all about yourself, and each day you present another part of it. On Monday, she shared what she wanted to be when she grew up. An auntie and a photographer!!!

So of course she told all the kids about HER auntie who is a photographer…

All the kids sang “Happy Birthday” to her…

…and she passed out the Rice Krispie Treats Joy and I had made the night before.

Penelope loves her friends!! Aren’t they the cutest?

4 thoughts on “Jules goes to Kindergarten!

  1. These are so great. It really inspires me to take my camera into my son’s class. It’s so cute that she wants to be a photographer like her Auntie! She’s adorable!

  2. I LOVE the picture of her smirking with the crown on her head – the close up. It’s like she is trying not to smile. TOO CUTE! She is adorable. I also enjoyed the picture of all of the kids turning, and you snapping the picture!

    I enjoy being an auntie also. My baby just turned 15!

  3. i love it..that is sooo cute, and how cool of you to attend! No wonder she wants to be an auntie and awesome photographer! 🙂

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