Castle Green, Pasadena

hansni & praveen.

Yesterday Hansni & Praveen were married at the stunning Castle Green in Pasadena. A big thank you to April Rocha and Julie Weaver who came out to shoot with me!

Despite the fact that this will be a long post, these are only a fraction of the amazing images we captured yesterday. Check it out!

Hansni prepared for her wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena.

I love this moment as her mother helps her into her sari.

The bridal party!

The barat is about to begin…Praveen’s family parades in to greet Hansni’s family…

…and there are a lot of rituals that occur…

…before Praveen is finally led to his bride so she can adorn him with a garland of flowers.

Everyone then headed over to the beautiful Mandap where the ceremony took place.

Hansni was led to the Mandap by her uncle…

…and was greeted by her very excited parents. Their faces are so filled with joy! Praveen is off to the right being hidden by a cloth, but you can see his feet if you look!

I love the looks on their faces just before they are revealed to one another.

The ceremony:

A few reception details:

Hansni & Praveen look like stars in an old Hollywood film…

8 thoughts on “Castle Green, Pasadena

  1. Jules

    We just love these pics!

    Still look @ them @ least everyday!

    Cant wait for the rest!

    Hansni & Praveen

  2. What beautiful pictures. I showed them to a coworker who is getting married and she just loved them. She should be calling you soon. 🙂 Your pictures are fantastic!

  3. Looks like such a unique and very beautiful ceremony!
    Love that shot of the parents and the shot of the happy couple dancing at the reception (yes, very old hollywood!)

  4. I love the picture of the two of them side by side in chairs. (With the rose petals on the ground). I also love her dress in the final picture!

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