World Wide (Web) premiere of Jules Bianchi Photography promo video!!

Because I returned from shooting in Seattle so very late last night, I did not plan to get up early. However, this morning Joy woke me with a call to tell me that Ron Dawson of the super creative Cinematic (for wedding industry types) AND Cinematic (for brides) created the coolest, funniest promotional video for Jules Bianchi Photography! I met Ron last year when we were shooting the same wedding together in Sonoma (me for photography, Ron for cinematography) and we’ve kept in touch ever since. After working with me on a few more jobs, he’s documented a little slice of my life for your enjoyment.

click here to check out funny out-takes or various speeds of the promo. Or just click on the link below to see it right here in my blog!! Thank you, Ron, for such a cool promo!

19 thoughts on “World Wide (Web) premiere of Jules Bianchi Photography promo video!!

  1. Ohmigosh! That just completely captures you…it looks nostalgic, you are wonderful just being yourself, I got to see Joy, and it’s so fun seeing you in action. It’s just perfect, Jules. Really perfect!

  2. Super cool. Starting off as a videographer and now doing photography, I can appreciate the double-coolness of this video. What song is that playing in the video?? Cool to see you in action, Jules. Thanks for posting.

  3. In reviewing the video AGAIN, I have to say that I never realized how much Joy looks like your Mom until I saw the part where she is wearing a redish turtle neck shirt (holding a camera) in your video! By the way, It would be fun to see more pictures of you two over the years. (like you showed on your birthday).
    It’s pretty cool that she has two daughters also. (Like you two grew up with the two daughters in YOUR family).

  4. THANK YOU so much for all the love & support! I wanted a promo that would convey my personality, and I think Ron hit the nail RIGHT on the head! If any of you are photographers, you should definitely click on the link to his site and check him out.

  5. JULES-This is so cute!!! Love it, love it, love it. Great marketing tool as it’s an opportunity for clients to see who you are and how much fun you are to be around!


  6. Hi Juliet! I really enjoyed this video A LOT. I think Ron did a great and thoughtful job. The twin moments are very cute. I think I will hire both of you if and when I ever have a “big moment” (such as a wedding). I will always recommend you to others (of course!) Kisses to Joy also.

  7. Jules, you are TOO cute! I love how this video captures your personality and shows everyone who hasn’t met you how much fun you are. I am so lucky that I snagged you for my wedding in July. I cannot WAIT.

  8. I absloutely love this video.

    As a fellow blog-aholic- well more of a blog stalker, it was so nice to put a voice to the face of this brilliant photographer that I LOVE to follow. Your work is amazing.

    I hope to get married someday (need a boyfriend 1st) and when it happens, you are going to be my photographer.

  9. I LOVED it! You both were SO cute! I got to see a little piece of our wedding and it made tears come to my eyes. Everything was fantastic Jules, Joy & Ron!:)

  10. awww … I wish I was getting married again so I could hire you!! Maybe we will renew our vows and you can take our pics … with Ron shooting video of course!

  11. Hi Jules,

    It’s great working with you (and Joy). I’m glad you like the promo and I hope it does wonders for you. Major kudos to Tony (aka Anton) Lorimer for his great cinematography on the engagement video shoot.

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