My funky Holga

I am still going through all of the beautiful shots from yesterday’s wedding and will blog about it soon – I promise! In the meantime I was distracted because I just got back the roll I shot with my Holga at Lindsay & Spencer’s wedding, and I wanted to share my favorite image with you. I FedEx film to Pictage to develop and scan for me. Its automatically uploaded for me and I can then download it to myself to tweak in PhotoShop. Its so easy.

Yesterday’s bride asked me to bring a vintage camera to her wedding, so I shot with my Fujica Compact Deluxe (circa 1965 – it has a thumb wheel in the back used to focus!!) in addition to the Holga. I can’t WAIT to see those shots!

In the meantime, here is one from Lindsay & Spencer’s wedding:

9 thoughts on “My funky Holga

  1. Hey Jules! I love your holga shot! It’s so cool when you really hit one with that camera…great flair and distortion. I can’t wait to see some shots with the old Fujica.

    Will we be seeing you in Chicago?

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