Bear Valley

This past week I have been in Bear Valley with my family and some friends. My mother runs the Young Musicians Camp for the Bear Valley Music Festival every August, and she owns a historical Stone House on Lake Alpine where the camp is held. The Stone House was built to hold the explosives that made the dam and created Lake Alpine.

Its actually been kind of fun to have such limited access to my email and cell phone! It allows me more time to roast marshmallows and eat S’Mores, a near-daily activity. Olive is having so much fun, too, and she swims in the lake every day. The first night here everyone sat under the stars and watched a meteor shower. That was amazing. I have been shooting all week, but here are a few highlights.

The Stone House.

The strangest addition to the Stone House… a giant swanboat.


Joy captured this one of me enjoying my favorite activity here.

The first night everyone learned how to make baked oatmeal for the next morning’s breakfast.

Eating our baked oatmeal outside the Stone House!

Because its a music camp, there are instruments everywhere. I even played guitar for the first time in months. I love this shot of Millie trying her hand at the piano. The deer head above her is “Buck,” who talks. Yes, you read that right.

Everyone went hiking on Tuesday up to Slick Rock to play in the natural waterslide. And by “hiking” I mean dragging the kids over two miles to get there and back. I also like to call this picture “Why I Don’t Have Children.”

I LOVE this shot that my brother captured of me and Joy sliding down Slick Rock. Olive joined in on almost EVERY slide! She is such a funny dog!

20 thoughts on “Bear Valley

  1. Jules, sooooo…you have ALWAYS been famous!!!

    You have had such an amazing life and what fun at your Mom’s camp. It looks wonderful. I laughed out loud at the “Why I don’t have children” picture. SO FUNNY!!

    I feel for Joy and that moment, though. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

  2. I had a great time reading this post! It obvious you had a great time! It seems your family has a photography gene…fun shots! Ever in Miami…look us up! Cheers!

  3. The Bear Valley week was a lot of fun! Thanks for making it special. Your documentation make it amazing. Come back soon. The swan is waiting.

  4. Loved the the “Why I don’t have children” photo, it almost put me on the floor!!! Hysterical! May I also say that your dog is awesome. I would love to hear more about the music camp – is it an annual event?

  5. Jules –

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I didn’t get to make the trip with Sandra and the kids, but your pictures captured things nicely.


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