Family portraits in Orange

Yesterday I drove down to Orange to shoot Jacob’s family portraits. Jacob wasn’t born yet when I shot his Auntie Christy’s wedding last October, so it was fun to meet a new member of the family. And what a gorgeous family they are!

Some favs:

Jacob was quite serious during the shoot.

I love this shot of Mom and Dad.

Love the vintage look of these next three…

My most favorites from the day were at the local park.

2 thoughts on “Family portraits in Orange

  1. Breathtaking pictures! No wonder he is cranky (it being hot!) He is such a cute baby, and ofcourse his parents are so gorgeous.

    He is looking at (the camera), you, like “no pictures, no autographs, PLEASE.”

  2. Jules, you rock…… I know 100 degrees in the park w/a drooly baby is not easy! I love how he looks completely different in every shot… can’t wait to see all the shots so Nana can pick hers!!!

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