Catalina Country Club

Whew! What a crazy weekend! I just got back from my wedding on Catalina Island at the Catalina Country Club…. the entire event was unbelievable, but one highlight was on the helicopter flight home when we saw not only two schools (groups? gaggles? parties??) of dolphins leaping around but a WHALE blowing water through its blowhole!!

a HUGE thank you to my sister, Joy, for spending 10 days here in LA to help me with three weddings, my seminar at PartnerCon, and the launch of Jules Cafe!! Thank you, Joy, your help was invaluable. I love you!

Sadly, I had to take Joy straight to LAX and then head right home for a meeting. I just downloaded the wedding and pulled ONE favorite to share. MANY more to come, but right now I’m taking a nap!!

9 thoughts on “Catalina Country Club

  1. Wow!! So nice to have found you. It’s great to see your work. I know my pics are lightyears from your pictures, but I found great inspiration in what I just saw here. Can’t wait to see “Jules Café” running 🙂
    It’s a pity you are so far from Spain thinking about all that I could learn from you.

    All the best 😉

  2. I love the picture. Sounds like a blast. I know whenever you and your sister get together its a party so I bet you both and the couples had a great time. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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