Jules Bianchi, PPGBA speaker and WPJA winner!!

Right now, I am at the Best Western Hotel in San Francisco… I flew up here this afternoon to speak for the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area workshop that is held once a month. There were about 80 photographers who came to hear me speak – it was quite a rush!! I was also asked to judge a print competition which was exciting and intimidating at the same time. I loved critiquing the images, but it was hard knowing the photographers who made the images were in the room somewhere listening to my comments. I tried to be constructive! THANK YOU to both my mother and my sister who drove out from the East Bay to hear me speak. I love you!!

And speaking of contests, I came back to my room only to get an email saying that the The Wedding PhotoJournalist Association photography contest results were back. I know there are hundreds of entrys, so I was thrilled to discover that one of my images placed 11th in the “cake cutting” category! How fun! Congratulations to the couple in the photo, Jen and DJ, who’s wedding I photographed this past May.

12 thoughts on “Jules Bianchi, PPGBA speaker and WPJA winner!!

  1. Had I known, I would have been there.

    Congrats on having an image place at the The Wedding PhotoJournalist Association photography contest!

  2. Hi Jules! Congrats on your award! I was at the PPGBA meeting and thanks for the talk! It was really inspiring to get my workflow in gear! Oh, and thanks for being such an great judge! hehe…I’m totally biased cuz my print won the Print of the Month! =) Hope to catch your talks again soon. Regards to sis Joy.

  3. Congrats Jules! You captured how much fun I had after I slammed cake in his face! 🙂 This photo is in our album!

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