Le Chateau Rose

nikoo & hossein
september 8, 2007

Saturday’s wedding was an outstanding affair at Le Chateau Rose in Bel Air. It was the first wedding I’ve ever shot with over 9 professional cameras going at once! Platinum Weddings from the “WE” channel was there with two cameras, two sound guys, a producer and PA, Robert Evans was my second shooter and had two videographers for his “second shooter” series, Joy flew down to shoot, and Nikoo and Hossein had their wedding videographers, too!

To give you a taste of what that was like, this is a shot that Joy took of Rob’s videographer shooting me shooting Platinum Weddings interviewing the groom. His own videographer is shooting him, too! It was crazy fun!!!

Huge kudos go out to Special Event Coordinator Sonia Sharma of Sonia Sharma Events for coordinating this beautiful 400 person wedding!

I promise to do a slideshow very soon, but since I’m speaking at PartnerCon tomorrow and have so much to do before that happens, this will have to do for now!

6 thoughts on “Le Chateau Rose

  1. Oh, MAN!! I’ve never wanted to be a second shooter before, but this makes me think it might not be such a bad idea! Where do I signup for the next Platinum-Bianchi event?

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