Monthly PUG

Every month, I lead the Los Angeles Pictage User Group. This month, Gene Higa came down all the way from San Francisco to talk to the group about how to get into destination weddings. THANK YOU Gene! You were great!

Also Matthew Lin of Poetry in Light was our Studio Spotlight for the month of October. The slideshow he shared of his work was absolutely remarkable. Thank you, Matthew!

And lastly, I would like to thank Michael Andrews who kindly shot all of the following photographs since I forgot my camera last night!

Gene Higa!

Matthew Lin!

I like this shot Michael caught – its Robert Evans, me, Gene Higa & Jay Goldman at the back of the class…2 cool 4 skool. ha!

After the PUG, a few of us went to the Troubadour to see my FAVORITE band, Earlimart. We were practically standing ON the stage – I got this one with my Razr!

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