Estancia La Jolla slideshow

The song for this slideshow is already one of my favorites, but it is especially appropriate for Robyn & Jeff because it was playing when Jeff asked Robyn to marry him. As a lovely gift, one of Robyn’s bridesmaids sang it to them during the reception.

7 thoughts on “Estancia La Jolla slideshow

  1. Jules – you are amazing! you and your crew captured the weekend perfectly. The slide show to Ben’s music makes me teary every time I see it. I thank you so much for helping to make the whole event perfect.
    We both love you so much and feel like we made a new friend this weekend.
    thank you for everything

  2. Great slideshow. I love love love this song, but Cindy gave me goosebumps when she sang it at the wedding:) I think the umbrellas would look great published in a bridal magazine, don’t you? See you soon!

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