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Due to the amount of photographers who read my blog, I want to try to give photography tips more often. A few months ago, my sister, Joy, turned me on to this AWESOME site, Flash Flavor. I know a lot of photographers struggle with lighting, and this site is dedicated to dispensing cool lighting tips and tricks.

Check out the one I picked up – Flash Flavor suggested buying a Unviersal Car Windshield Mount Holder to hold not your cell phone, but your flash! Granted it really suctions best to glass, but if you can find right place to stick it, you can easily maneuver your light by just bending the arm, moving the head of your flash OR the head of the resting cup! How cool is this? I also just purchased an ultrabounce by Lumiquest – one of my favorite companies for flash bounces – so I stuck that on my 580EX along with the Pocket Wizard (to fire the flash wirelessly) and tested out the whole thing on my favorite muse, Ms. Olive.

8 thoughts on “Flash Flavor

  1. What a great muse you have in Ms. Olive. I can’t wait to see shots from your 11/11 wedding. And thank you for giving my wonderful friend Shannon the opportunity to second shoot with you!

  2. I would be nervous about trusting your expensive equipment to that mount, but it’s really great. I know you need a few extra arms as a photographer!

    It is really sad that Olive never gets her picture taken. HAHAHA. I really like this one of her.

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