Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

I love shooting with my friends! Joshua Bobrove of Robert Evans’ Studio asked me to shoot with him at the Four Seasons Hotel to help cover an extravagant 65th birthday party. The theme was “Larry’s World.”

Check out the crazy details!

The GORGEOUS dining room:

This stunning globe took over 2400 white roses to create!

There were THREE bands! A funky Country band…

the fabulous West Coast Music…

AND a super secret star headliner that I am not at liberty to blog about!! Suffice it to say he has a new album coming out and it was a surprise to all the guests.

For the party favor, everyone was given framed 8×10’s of themselves that had been shot earlier in the evening.

Thanks for asking me to come along, Josh! I had a really fun time.

3 thoughts on “Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

  1. Let’s just say he has a new album out and the older generation love him! I wasn’t involved the the photos that people got to keep later… that was Brian Kramer’s company!

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