Jules Bianchi speaks at UCR!

a few weeks ago, I was asked by Mary Kristen to lecture as a guest speaker in the Digital Wedding Photography class she teaches at the University of California Riverside extension program. I really enjoy teaching photography, and I had so much fun last week that I was really looking forward to it… despite the long drive! The class was tiny which was cool.. it was much more intimate that way, and I got a chance to talk to everyone there. A few students mentioned that they are planning to sign up for my Tea for Two private mentorship, which would be awesome!

I’m going to work on my 11/11 wedding tonight – I promise – so check back tomorrow for that.

6 thoughts on “Jules Bianchi speaks at UCR!

  1. Thanks for speaking in our class. You’re a great inspiration. I also love that song on your sideshow. It’s the same song on your video Jules on the Job. Is it in record stores, iTunes…?

  2. I’m the guy wearing the green hat…thanks again for making the drive out to speak to us! You were extremely informative and helpful. I hope we can keep in touch in the future.

  3. I get so excited when I see that you are sharing your work with people. Everyone should get to witness the amazing work you do.

    BTW, is that girl (bottom right hand corner) looking at our wedding album?? 😉 That looks like the ceremony photo.

  4. Hey Jules! I was in the Digital Wedding Photography class you spoke at last night. I’m the guy in the white shirt on the right. Thanks for making the loooong drive. =) I was so impressed. I am definitely going to sign up for your Tea for Two. I want to learn whatever you can teach me. Thanks again for coming down and I’ll see you later.

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