Lighting Seminar!!

Many of you who have had a private “Tea for Two” mentorship with me have asked about lighting. I have a very simple but effective lighting set-up that I bring to all of my weddings, and I’m now addicted to it. I hate to shoot a wedding without it! I’m still a huge fan of natural light, mind you, its just that you are given so many more options if you have your own lights to play with as well!

Because of the interest and the seeming need for other photographers to learn about lighting, I am teaming up with the fantastic John Mireles of Ventana Weddings to do a lighting workshop here in Los Angeles on Thursday, January 24th. I’m so excited about it!

John is going to focus more on studio lighting, and I will talk more about on-the-go portable lighting. There will be both lecturing and hands-on training. The workshop will be from 10am – 5pm and the costs are as follows:

$250 if you sign up in November
$300 if you sign up in December
$350 if you sign up in January

This is a super deal if you think about it… the Tea for Two is $200 per hour, and this is five hours of learning!!

CLICK HERE to download a PDF with a course description and outline of the day.

For more information and to sign up, please shoot an email to me:

4 thoughts on “Lighting Seminar!!

  1. Your tea for two is a genius idea! I wish I’d have thought of it! 🙂 I’m so excited for you that you have so many things going to great for you.

  2. Jules! If you can somehow make your seminar portable, I’d be the first to sign up! (I’m here in the Bay Area-you shot my brother’s wedding and will be shooting his twin’s wedding).

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