The best contracts in the business

As most of you know, I am bringing on a new associate in 2008. Just to make sure we were both covered, I wanted to get a solid contract in place. I am so pleased with my new contract, I thought I would share this fantastic photographer’s tip with you!

If you are in need of ANY type of photography contract, whether its for your clients, second shooters, associate shooters or portrait clients, look no further than John Mireles’ Photographer’s Toolkit. He offers business tools for smart photographers as well as enlightening workshops and seminars.

In FACT, if your loved one is a photographer and you are still looking for that perfect gift, consider sending him or her to the Light & Fast Seminar that I am teaming up with John to provide this January. Cost is $300 if you sign up in December, $350 if you wait until January. We are nearly full, so sign up now!

Click here to learn more about the Light & Fast Seminar.

Click here to learn more about Photographer’s Toolkit.

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