Beyond Just Images Contest

The Australian Photography Forum, Beyond Just Images, asked me to participate in their “12 Days of Christmas” Contest. The first prize of the 12 Days is a free set of my custom presets!

They recently added a “Library” area to the forum and are building it up as a resource area where photographers from all stages (just starting out right through to Top Level Professionals) can go to find source materials, training, information, etc. They are looking to help enable members to take and deliver the very best images they can for their business and for the industry as a whole. For the competition, all members have to do is add a link, review, text, etc, to the new library area of the forum.

The members have been instructed to come to my blog to find out the winner for Day One… and the winner is:

Heidi Brand! Congratulations, Heidi! The presets are SO fun, you’ll love them!

If anyone else is interested in finding out more about my custom presets, just shoot me an email

6 thoughts on “Beyond Just Images Contest

  1. I tried too, Jeanne and it didn’t let me either. I was curious, too! guess we’ll just have to wonder? 😛

  2. I was curious just to see the 12 days of Christmas Contest, and to view their site. I guess you have to know one of them – I tried to register, and it wouldn’t accept me unless I knew one of THEIR names. Hmmm.

  3. You Rock Jules! Congrats Heidi!!!! oooo and we are international forum, which has made this competition and your generous gift even more fun!

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