Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

My mother is Ukrainian, so every 6th of December we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. This is the day we wake up to our stockings filled with goodies! Since I haven’t lived with my mother for many many years, instead of waking up to stockings, I now find exciting packages on my doorstep!!

This year was a really BIG box with a cute Hello Kitty stocking that had my name embroidered on the front! There were gifts for me, Olive & Abigail.

Check it out! THANK YOU, MOM! Um, I mean St. Nick!!

4 thoughts on “Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

  1. How fun!!! It makes it all worth while seeing Olive enjoying herself with the big bone. Glad you have fun with it!! I sure do! Of course the pictures make it all look so much better.

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