Abbott Kinney, Venice

Yesterday I spent a few hours with my lovely clients, Michelle & Chris, and their adorable dogs, Annie & Charlie. Michelle & Chris hang out on Abbott Kinney in Venice at least once a week, so we thought it would be fun to do their engagement shoot there. I REALLY had a hard time cutting down my favorites… Chris and Michelle were so great, and the whole place is so full of life and color…I just love everything we shot!

We met up at a café first. Annie and Charlie just hung out while Michelle & Chris finished up their coffee.

Michelle. (I LOVED your cute hair!)


The family goes for a walk.

There were SO many vibrant walls to choose from… Of course, I like this one since it reminds me of the JBP colors!

Michelle likes graffitti…

I love this little family portrait.

The bench and phone booth are in front of Michelle’s favorite store.

8 thoughts on “Abbott Kinney, Venice

  1. I like 6,10,12 and 13 the best (numbered from the top). They look like a very happy couple. Of course I love the dogs, and that they were included in the pictures! (Since I have two small dogs myself).

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