Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year because for as long as I can remember its when I make pysanky – Ukrainian Easter Eggs – with my friends and family. I usually have the dyes and tools set up for a week or two right around Easter and anyone who wants to make one can come over. My only requirement is that they bring EASTER CANDY!! I’ll post the finished eggs as we make them, but here are the pics from the last two days.

The players so far: Abby, Abigail, Lori, April, Marty, Olive & Victor

The process – its a little bit like batik in that we layer colors over and over using wax and tools called kiski. Its fun to be creative in a way other than photography sometimes.


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I can’t believe you do this! It is my favorite! I’ve been doing Pysanky for many years thanks a cousin who taught me. My friends kind of make fun of me and my love of eggs and Pysanky. I love to leave all the dyes out on a special table for a week with a great supply of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs! I even have an electric kiski! I look forward to this time of year so much! Anyway, now I kind of feel like if Jules does it – then maybe I’m not such a nerd!!

  2. I am coming to your pysanky party next year. I promise to bring easter candy!! You get such amazing results.

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