Coyote Hills Golf Course

Shannon Lott has been my second shooter for a while and is now the new Jules Bianchi Photography Associate. I just adore both her easy-going personality and her cool shooting style. Before she signed on with me however, Shannon had already booked a few weddings under her own company for this year. Today she was shooting one of those weddings, so I decided to tag along and be HER second shooter for the day. I love second shooting because its all the fun of the wedding with none of the responsibility! (okay, there’s still responsibility, but there’s certainly a lot less pressure when you’re not in charge!)

Today’s bride was a twin, like me! Here are just a couple of favorites:

5 thoughts on “Coyote Hills Golf Course

  1. I absolutely love your style! Thanks for adding me on Facebook. I’ve been shooting for 11 years but I’m just now stepping out to really have a business with it.

    I love your images and the mood they have. Can’t wait to see more!
    Beth Morgan

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