Personal Projects are good for you

One of the things I spoke about on Monday night was finding personal projects to keep inspired. In fact, here are a few I’ve done in the past:

The Alphabet at Disneyland

The Colors at the Farmer’s Market

Today Kevin had the group go out and shoot a personal project around the Ranch. I decided to join in and use it as a good excuse to play with the Lensbaby. Can you guess what I decided to do mine on?

If you haven’t guessed already… I figured since I was here with MY twin, I would find other twins!!

4 thoughts on “Personal Projects are good for you

  1. jules you rock my world, girl. i love these. so fun having u there at the bootcamp. also, did you notice that the one shot of the faucet is a self-portrait?? coolio…

  2. How cool is this project. You are amazingly creative. The people at the seminar today were just in awe that you could make a living at something that you like as you have. I am so proud!

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