The rest of the eggs

I am finally cleaning up all of the dyes and tools from my yearly pysanky making. Thank you so much to Stephanie, Sterling, Michelle, Jen, Liz and Alec who came over this week to make more pysanky with me! I shot an amazing wedding this weekend, so come back soon to see images from that. In the meantime, here are the rest of the eggs from this year!!

4 thoughts on “The rest of the eggs

  1. Wow, as usual, you make things AMAZING…thanks for hiding my “bald spot”… I have learned my rules on the wax. Thank you for having us over! Jen and I had a great time. Hi to Jarrad and his Afrocentric egg!

  2. It looks so much better in person!!!! Love the eggs! And where’s that pic of you biting into the massive Dove EGG???? ha!

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