Speaking at the Kubota Bootcamp

I was so flattered when the fabulous Kevin Kubota invited me to be the Guest Speaker at his popular Digital Photography Bootcamp. Kevin has been empowering photographers across the Galaxy – including yours truly who has used his PhotoShop Actions for years.

Traveling always fills me with excitement. Anything can happen… like your flight can be canceled, you can be re-routed through another city and your luggage can get lost. 🙂

Bootcamp is a week-long experience at a remote place called Rock Springs Dude Ranch. Dude, check out the view this morning:

I revised a talk I gave at PartnerCon in 2005 called: Finding Clients Who Love You (and will rave about you to their friends). It was such a great group! I wanted to show really recent work, so I played the slideshow that I did at Kevin & Maya’s wedding reception on Saturday. Can’t get more recent than that!

Jules & Kevin Kubota hamming it up!

6 thoughts on “Speaking at the Kubota Bootcamp

  1. now that i’m full of knowledge from the bootcamp, i can kick some PS ass! Kevin, you rock my world.

  2. how come I never knew anything about this great workshops!!!

    I need one in NY – Great photos!


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