Two Worlds Collide Workshop

Adam Lopez and I are doing a workshop from May 20-22!! There is a “Bring a Friend” promotion going on at the Jules CAFE DAILY SPECIAL right now, so you both get $50 off!

ALSO, sign up before April 15 and qualify for a FREE one hour phone consultation with either Jules or Adam ($200 value)

What the workshop is about:

Integrate the Opposing Worlds of Your Photography and Your Finances

Photography: Top Photographer Jules Bianchi brings you inside her creative workflow, starting from the initial consultation with potential clients to the finished wedding album. Shooting, lighting, backup, processing, blogging, online slideshows, and album design are all covered here!

Finances: Creative Financial Consultant and photographer Adam Lopez brings ease and clarity to your business. Identify your business goals and develop a simple, clear understanding of your business and financial workflow. You will begin to create a customized business and financial plan that you can use right away.

This workshop is designed for you to get your creative and business questions answered by the experts. Limited Tea for Two sessions with Jules and private consulting sessions with Adam available by reservation in advance.

TUES – MAY 20th: 7- 10pm
WED – MAY 21st: Full day
THURS – MAY 22nd: Individual sessions by appt. only

Check out the Jules CAFE DAILY SPECIAL for the itinerary and promotions!

3 thoughts on “Two Worlds Collide Workshop

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 … Don’t ask again… I might go… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I just came from WPPI – I can’t stay that much time away from my studio. But I will try it for the next time.
    Paulo Jordao

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