Olive wants to be a Star

Being from Hollywood, Olive and her friend, Oscar, decided to try their luck at becoming movie stars. First they went to a fabulous photographer to have their headshots made:

Then they headed on down to the famous Paramount Studios on Melrose Avenue to try their luck!

A uniformed guard stopped them before they could even get in.

They gave him their shiny 8×10 headshots and their most winning smiles….

…but apparently dogs are not allowed on the Paramount Lot.

19 thoughts on “Olive wants to be a Star

  1. These Olive posts are killing me with how cute they are! These are some of my favorite pics of anything, ever. I may have to snag a few and make them into icons for my LiveJournal. I have no idea why Olive isn’t a star yet!

  2. Jules, I check your blog about once a week and mostly because, although I LOVE your work, I just LOVE Olive and this whole book idea! so clever and this made me laugh and laugh. She and Oscar are soooooo funny!! Those headshots and that guard holding them, looking down at them. Way too funny!!! I just wish my Big Jim would behave like Olive and her friends. He’s somewhat of an alpha love maniac. BTW, love your Pasadena City Hall shoot. I was just there too, last month. cheers!! deb 🙂

  3. So cute! He should have let them, how could you not with such cute faces like that?! 🙂

  4. You are HILARIOUS. It turned out so funny! the story is perfect. The dogs acted out their parts perfectly!

    Jessica & Oscar…nice meeting you yesterday (if you’re reading this).

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