Light & Fast Two

The second Light and Fast Seminar took place yesterday, and it was a great success! This time the group was much smaller, so John Mireles and I were able to give a lot more personal attention to our attendees. Check out this super nice email that Jeanette Sanchez sent to me today! You can check out more about her experience here on her blog.

“Hi Jules,

I want to thank you again for all the info. you shared with us yesterday regarding weddings. I was really confused before I came to your seminar and now I feel confident that I CAN do off camera lighting in a dark church or dim reception, THANK YOU. I love how you sat on the floor and let us peek into your bag, ask a ton of questions, and laugh with you like we were old friends. It was worth every penny I spent and time I had to put aside to attend. I am going to recommend this seminar to any photographer who desires to see the LIGHT!


Well thank YOU, Jeanette, (and everyone who came) for attending our seminar!

John, the Lighting Master, giving a demo.

I loved how John’s images came up on the screen for everyone to see what he was doing.

Here I am giving my portion of the Seminar.

Thank you to Youkeun Oh for taking this snap of me showing my lighting set-up.

A little outdoor hands-on demonstration.

Everyone chimping over John’s shoulder!

The whole gang!

5 thoughts on “Light & Fast Two

  1. Hey Jules!!

    I am soo excited about all I learned in your seminar! I am going to use off camera lighting for my next wedding (tomorrow!) I can’t wait!
    Thanks for being so helpful 🙂 I’ve already told all my friends about it, and they can’t wait to sign up!

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