Walt Disney Concert Hall & Mission 261

julie & yas
july 5, 2008

Saturday’s ceremony took place at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The weather was a little hot, but Julie & Yas had the most amazing, on-time bridal party I could hope for. We had allotted a lot of time for photographs, and I’ll tell you, Shannon & I got a lot of fantastic shots. The reception was in San Gabriel at the adorable Mission 261.

I just bought myself the 50mm 1.2, so most of the day was shot with that. I LOVE it.

Julie had the cutest details. I loved the tiny flower that adorned everything.

Everyone got ready down the street at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel.

Then we headed over to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for portraits.

I love this pose that Shannon suggested for Julie & Yas.

I was crazy about her red shoes. So gorgeous.

I was excited to take them down to the red wall at the parking lot level of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It matched their day!!

Julie’s grandmother released butterflies at the start of their ceremony. I flipped out when I saw this shot that Shannon captured.

Mr. & Mrs. – My favorite moment!

Beautiful details at Mission 261

Julie & Yas did a choreographed first dance that was just perfect.

After breaking an enormous sake barrel, Julie & Yas were toasted with personalized sake cups.

This was a traditional Japanese dance that was performed as a surprise for the couple. Julie & Yas throw a great party, and Shannon and I had a lot of fun.

10 thoughts on “Walt Disney Concert Hall & Mission 261

  1. Jules-LOVE these photos. I would love to do a shoot at that building sometime. I have seen it used by a lot of Cali photogs. the butterfly shot-TO DIE FOR!! kudos to Shannon for capturing it! did you use your 1.2 wide open most of the day? I know this was a few years ago so you may not remember your settings. 🙂

  2. We just got back from our honeymoon. We love love love these pictures especially the ones in the “red room.” You are amazing…can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. Congrats!

    Great picture and great use of your 50mm ! my favourite picture is #8 people in front of the Disney Hall

    best and keep up your great work ,


  4. All of them are amazing. Though the one at the concert hall with the bride leaning against it with the red shoes is the one I love the most! I just love how the little color peeks out.

    I am so jealappy (Jealous, but happy) that you got the 50mm…one day when I am more established that lens is gonna be mine! 🙂

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