Wanda Wen

I have known Wanda for a long time. She is the founder and owner of the amazing paperie, Soolip. Wanda and I are working together on a book that she has written. I will be shooting all the images for it next week. Yesterday we went out to get a great shot of her for the dust jacket! Isn’t she beautlful?

7 thoughts on “Wanda Wen

  1. She is beautiful and she is nice.
    I’ll never forget the time she called me personally to discuss a purchase I wanted to make. She’s a genuinely kind woman and the customer service I received was stellar. You’ve really captured her inner beauty, Jules!

  2. Wanda looks amazing, and your portraits are so powerful and beautiful! I love the juxtaposition between the wood pile and the fence in the background, really stunning.

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