The Art of the Gift Lifestyle shots

Oh man this month is busy! I drove back to Los Angeles last night and got up at 7:00am to shoot all day today in North Hollywood.

I am waay behind on my blog, but I wanted to share a little of what we did today. We are SO close to finishing the photography for “The Art of The Gift” (the book I have been working on with Wanda Wen of Soolip) and today we finished up NEARLY all of the lifestyle shots that will accompany the how-to images we worked on last month. This is going to be an AMAZING book!!

There were so many beautiful ones, but here are a few favorites:

15 thoughts on “The Art of the Gift Lifestyle shots

  1. I especially love the one of the girl holding the present (with alot of purple in the scarf, etc). My Mom loves the one with you in the pic (seriously), the one where you are writing with the little gifts in front. She said that should be “THE” picture.

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