Month Los Angeles PUG with Dane Sanders!

I am the leader of the Los Angeles Pictage User Group which meets every month. It is such a great group, and I have really enjoyed finding speakers and Studio Spotlights for us to learn from.

This week, our Studio Spotlight was the wonderful event photographer, Bill Alexander, of I love learning about the lives and businesses of the different members of our PUG each month, and Bill, who has been in the business for 20 years, had a lot to share.

Our speaker this month was the articulate Dane Sanders. Dane was one of the Pictage PartnerCon speakers, but his talk last night was new. I could listen to Dane talk for hours. He is so incredibly intuitive and nurturing. Dane wrote a fantastic book, Fast Track Photographer, that is a must read for anyone in the wedding photography industry. He sold a few at our meeting, so we were able to get signed copies!!

Thank you to both Dane and Bill for making the meeting great.

1 thought on “Month Los Angeles PUG with Dane Sanders!

  1. Jules,
    You are the BEST! I loved being with your PUG and am so impressed with your leadership. Lucky lucky group.

    It was a privilege to join the conversation. Bless you guys.

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