Temple Emanuel & Hillcrest Country Club

Today I shot my first Bar Mitzvah, and I have to say, I LOVED it! What a fantastic event! Coordination done flawlessly Yvonne Wolf, Party Planner.

THANK YOU so much to Ann Kelley for joining me today and doing such an amazing job.

Bar Mitzvah Boy, Ethan

Temple Details

The ceremony

The theme of the day was SPORTS!!

I LOVE the hora.

This shot that Ann caught is so great.

All of Ethan’s friends!!!

I thought the Game Room was way cool.

Ethan’s friends toasted him and had the most wonderful things to say about him.

I love this shot that Ann got of me getting into the fun. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Temple Emanuel & Hillcrest Country Club

  1. Looks great, Jules! Your wedding work is very inspiring… and it’s great to see you flawlessly getting into Bar Mitzvahs. Mazel tov on your first one.

    I met Jessica while I was shooting a wedding here in Montreal, and she told me to check out your work and I’m very glad I did!

  2. Hi Jeanne!
    Whistles were hot-glued to the centerpieces at “basketball” tables! 🙂 They were not favors or “hand-outs”…because you’re right…not to mention the NOISE that could have ensued! And yes..Jules did a PHENOMENAL job capturing the service and celebration. Her attention to detail is extraordinary!

  3. I LOVE the pictures, and I LOVE the ceremony/day based on what you captured. I had to really cringe when I saw that they gave out whistles. Parenting 101 says to never give any kids whistles (smile), especially as a group!

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