More Pacific Palisades Family Portraits

I have been photographing The O’Donnell Family since their first daughter was born. Now there are five kids! Its fun to see my images all around their house. (This includes a film shot I took at their wedding and then painted by hand with Marshall’s Oils! Its something I used to do a lot in my film days…)

Here are a a few portraits from the past:

Aren’t they a stunning family? Here are the kids from oldest to youngest…






The whole family, including Kimmy, the dog.

In 2006, I photographed Chris’ brother, John’s, cool line of casualwear called Johnnie O. After the family shoot, the kids threw some Johnnie O gear on to play football.

I love the cheerleaders with their little Johnnie O hats!!

9 thoughts on “More Pacific Palisades Family Portraits

  1. These are just beautiful!!! What a gorgeous family he has. I love the processing on these, are they your presets??? Gotta have them!

  2. Wow…how gorgeous!
    your work is really gorgeous and inspiring. I just found you thanks to a post by Emilie S. when she announced you’ll be doing her wedding this spring. Lucky her! I’m also a Maine photographer and I’d love to hear what actions you use to get the look of these images….it’s gorgeous!! (maybe over in your “daily special” 🙂

    So excited to have found you…I’ll be back again, and again!

  3. So Awesome! I thought, “hey that guy looks like Christopher O’Donnell! Oh wait, it is.” haha – great photos! It is cool to see how you’ve improved over the years. I mean, the old shots are great – but these are great great.

    Have a good one!

  4. What a testimony to your work, Jules, that they’ve had you photograph their family since their first child. That’s awesome! The All American Family – that’s what I think of when I see these pictures. Great work!

  5. How time flies! I remember when you were off to NZ and Lily had yet to arrive. Beautiful family, gorgeous shots. Looks like you may have an asst. in Fin!

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